Vulnerability Assessments

Kratos simulates malicious efforts to uncover hidden weaknesses in an organization’s IT and physical environments that can leave the organization exposed.

Kratos' Vulnerability Assessment evaluates the overall security of an organization’s network, operating system, web applications and web server for exploits or vulnerabilities and provides a valuable baseline for determining appropriate safeguards. It also helps an organization comply with federal regulations.

Kratos experts use a combination of industry tools (open source and commercial software) and in-house techniques to probe the network for vulnerabilities, test the integrity and effectiveness of all Internet-facing elements, and identify potential areas of risk.

Unlike automated services that typically provide a list riddled with false positives, Kratos’ cybersecurity experts analyze scan results and use proprietary technology to assist in eliminating false positives before delivering their report. Kratos then provides detailed, pragmatic guidance required to prioritize vulnerabilities and enact quick, effective remediation.

Benefits of a Vulnerability Assessment

  • Improve the organizational security posture through comprehensive vulnerability identification and remediation
  • Minimize downtime by discovering vulnerabilities before they become security incidents
  • Eliminate false positives with expert custom analysis, which is included as part of the vulnerability scan
  • Meet regulatory and government security requirements (e.g., FedRAMP, FISMA, and NIST)

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