Enterprise Security Architecture

An agency needs to be confident that its systems and applications are strong and defensible, while still supporting mission objectives.

Poorly designed security architecture can reduce the effectiveness of implemented security solutions, open the door to intruders, delay deployment of key systems, increase operational costs, and jeopardize national security.

Kratos helps develop sound and practical information security architectures tailored to agency needs. This includes a focus on designing systems and applications with confidentiality, integrity, and availability built-in from the beginning. Kratos cybersecurity architects are also skilled at delivering security guidance and identifying hidden risks to fix deficiencies and avert disasters when operations are well underway.

Four-Step Process for Developing a Secure Enterprise Architecture

Kratos’ process results in an enhanced security posture, a reduced management burden, and an increased level of compliance.

  1. Understand objectives, the unique requirements of an organization’s environment, and applicable constraints
  2. Analyze the information gathered and validate understanding of the environment
  3. Develop a preliminary approach in consultation with an organization’s team
  4. Combine the initial approach with Kratos’ extensive field experience and industry best practices to develop a sound and practical information security architecture tailored to an organization’s needs

Benefits of a Secure Enterprise Architecture

  • Improve security posture by ensuring critical assets are protected
  • Maximize network investments by expanding the security capabilities of existing infrastructure
  • Ensure the architecture supports integration for future deployment initiatives
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance with a strong, sustainable security infrastructure

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