Defense & Rocket Support Services

Rapid Launch Vehicles and Targets

Defense & Rocket Support Services

Short & Medium Range Ballistic Missile Targets

  • Successfully executed 100+ vehicle launches to support ballistic missile track and intercept missions with 100% success
  • Offer proven family of vehicles that are tailorable for government mission needs
  • Proven program responsiveness in providing vehicles, from requirement to launch in less than a year
  • OSD Packard Award winning engineering team as part of the Aegis Readiness Assessment Vehicle (ARAV) Team
  • Delivering affordable guided booster solutions for unique, high accuracy mission requirements

Hypersonic Payload Launch Vehicles

  • Successfully executed 7+ vehicle launches to support hypersonic air breathing and glide body testing
  • Proven family of vehicles that are rapidly tailorable for unique high speed mission requirements
  • Proven ability to support responsive delivery of vehicles in less than a year, supporting missions across multiple ranges around the world
  • Agility of our offering provides affordable flight testing, rivaling the cost for wind tunnel testing Advanced Science Sounding Rockets
  • Agile vehicle architecture provides proven launch vehicle modules to support wide range of testing of unique payload, while providing significant bandwidth for capturing key measurement data
  • Broad vehicle family offers various trajectory options to meet customer mission needs, including long durations in exoatmospheric environments
  • Experienced team with significant background in working with unique payload requirements with DoD and NASA

Payload Deployment Modules

  • Proven family of modules for the delivery of various payloads in a wide range of orientations
  • Rapid, in-house capability to provide custom delivery systems based on mission requirements

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